iPhone exchange setup connection to server failed error

I got a replacement iPhone 5 today and tried to setup my exchange account. It failed and all I got was a cryptic ‘connection to server failed’ error alert box. This error could mean a lot of things and I had no luck finding anything of substance in the Exchange 2010 or IIS logs.  

After a few hours of frustration an searching, I discovered that my problem was caused by having too many mobile devices attached to my exchange account (apparently I’ve owned 10 unique iPhone/iPads over the last 5 years). You can check this by using the exchange web mail interface. Log into web mail -> Options -> All Options then you’ll see a tab on the left named “Phone”. From there you will see a list of devices that have ever synced with your exchange account. Remove the old ones. You may have to delete and then recreate the exchange account on your iPhone for things to start working again.

Exchange Mobile Devices

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