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Art Tech AT-6 Texan Replacement Retracts

I have a Art Tech AT-6 Texan RC plane. The one big problem I’ve had with this plane is that the electronic retracts that come with it are prone to overloading, hanging and overheating. If you switch the retracts on/off too fast it causes a current surge which overloads the …

IIS Output Caching and Accept Header

After a bit of testing I found out today that IIS Output Caching will not work unless the Accept request header includes */*;  Most browsers include this by default but if you make HTTP calls yourself (for example, using CFNetwork from iOS), you’ll need to include it.  For example:  Accept: …

A simple pattern for cancelling GCD blocks

Sometimes when using GCD, it’s useful to cancel a block that’s already been placed on a queue to be processed. You could have a field named “isCancelled” that the block can check for but if you have lots of blocks you’d have to have a field for each block (or …

Renumbering GPT partitions in Linux

Parted doesn’t provide an easy way to renumber your partitions after you delete one and fdisk doesn’t support GPT. Fortunately gdisk can do this relatively easily: sudo gdisk /dev/sdc p (print/show) s (sort) p (print/show) w (write) q (quit)