Art Tech AT-6 Texan Replacement Retracts

I have a Art Tech AT-6 Texan RC plane. The one big problem I’ve had with this plane is that the electronic retracts that come with it are prone to overloading, hanging and overheating. If you switch the retracts on/off too fast it causes a current surge which overloads the control transistor causing the retract to hang until it’s unplugged. Sometimes the “brake” switch at either end of the retract’s extents stop working causing the retract motor to continuously push, damaging the “brake” switch even further and causing the whole unit to massively overheat.

A set of replacement retracts for the AT-6 cost £35 but you can get the exact same retract system (sans the wheel and strut which you can move over from the broken set) for £5 each from HobbyKing. They have UK stock as well….

Art Tech AT-6 Texan RC Plane Replacement Retract Replacement retracts with original wheel and strut attached


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