iOS9 battery life and CommCenter CPU usage when on EE

There is a bug with the iOS 9 betas if you are running on EE. This bug causes massive battery drain. You can read the related threads on reddit and macrumors.
I’ve spent days diagnosing this problem have found some interesting things including a solution:
  • Poor Battery Life and hot iPhone is due to CommCenter process using 100%-110% CPU continuously
  • Only seems to occur with EE sim cards (but not all) in combination with a logged in iCloud account
  • Removing the SIM card does not make CommCenter stop spinning unless you reboot the phone without the SIM card afterwards
  • Rebooting with the SIM card in and Airplane mode on does not prevent CommCenter from spinning
  • Logging out from iCloud is the only “setting” that immediately stops CommCenter spinning (even with the EE SIM card installed)
  • Possibly starts occurring with accounts that have enabled EE WiFi-calling
After having tried the following to with no luck:
  • Changing SIM cards
  • Airplane mode
  • Disabling 4G/LTE
  • Disabling everything in iCloud settings except for signing out
  • Disabling iMessage
  • Resetting and restoring an iTunes and an iCloud backup
The issue appears to be related to a setting or profile that is backed up so doing a full restore from a backup does not work but a fresh install will work.
The permanent solution I discovered is:
  1. Backup the phone to iTunes
  2. Reset the phone and install a fresh install of iOS9 GM
  3. Setup the phone as a new device
  4. Connect your AppleID and setup iCloud
  5. CommCenter CPU usage should remain fine
  6. Most of your settings should come back off your iCloud
  7. Your messages will not be restored because SMS/iMessage is not backed up to iCloud (except as a full backup) but you can use iBackupBot (free edition) to restore your SMS/iMessage from the iTunes backup you made in Step 1. Follow the steps detailed here.
  8. Your home screen layout isn’t backed up to iCloud (except as part of a full backup) so you’ll have to install your apps and organise your home screens manually.
Hope this helps people out. My iPhone was a hand warmer and almost always attached to a USB port for 3 weeks…
CommCenter Before:
CommCenter CPU Usage Before
Comm Center After:
CommCenter After

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