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With the unfortunate demise of, a product I designed and developed as CTO for 2.5 years at a company I co-founded 5.5 years ago; I think it’s a good time to write a series on my learnings, decisions and experiences. My development team (minus visual designers) varied from 6-13 developers over the years. With this size team we wrote a music …

StreamingKit low latency audio library for iOS

I’ve written a new AudioPlayer/AudioStreamer for iOS.  It’s improved upon Matt Mallagher’s AudioStreamer by adding queueing, gapless playback, pre-buffering and a simple but extensible data source model (it works with more than HTTP). You can find it at GitHub.

Fixing a dead Roomba 500/570 (No Lights)

I’ve had my Roomba 570 for almost two months. In that time, the little guy has been automatically vacuuming the house automatically everyday. A couple of weeks ago, I found him dead (no lights), in the morning, half way through a cleaning cycle. After picking him up he came back …