I’ve been fortunate that my hobby and career are both about software. This page contains links to some of my free and open source programming projects.


I contributed to the DotGNU project back in 2003 to help the open source community develop a free open source implementation of .NET that runs on Linux. I was in charge of implementing threading and maintaining the garbage collector.

Example of some of the code I wrote for DotGNU:




I implemented the first ECMA compliant implementation of ArrayList for Mono…back in the day.


A fast and extensible gapless AudioPlayer/AudioStreamer for OSX and iOS (iPhone, iPad). Used by many music player apps on the App Store.

GitHub Project Page


A library of useful classes and extensions for modern Objective C.

GitHub Project Page


A cross-platform library of useful classes and extensions for C#, .NET and Mono.

GitHub Project Page


A .NET library that provides a uniform, cross-platform and managed abstraction layer for file systems. It is similar to VFS features of various operating systems like Linux except it all runs in managed code.

GitHub Project Page


A compiler and interpreter for a programming language I designed in 2000.

GitHub Project Page


A tiny but powerful application I wrote back in 1998 that adds “Always On Top”, “Transparency” and “Minimise To Tray” to the windows control menu.

Project Page


A VNC ActiveX control for integrating VNC client functionality to Windows C++, MFC, VB, C#, etc projects. Written in 1997 when I was still in High School. Multi-threaded and insanely fast.

Project Page

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