VNCX is an ActiveX control for adding VNC client capabilities to any Windows based application that supports ActiveX (OLE automation).  This includes VB, VC++, VJ++, Delphi, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint) and Internet Explorer.  VNCX is written in ATL (no dependencies on MFC) and is distributed as a single file (VNCX.dll).

VNCX.DLL is free for non commercial use and comes with absolutely no guarantees.  Credit must be given in both product documentation and within the software (e.g. the About Box).

VNCX based Viewer32

VNCX on the Active Desktop

VNCX embedded within a Word document


Viewer32 is a VNCX based viewer written in C++/MFC.  You can download it below.


Download the archives below and unzip VNCX.DLL and Viewer32.exe into any directory.  Run Viewer32.exe to automatically register the viewer.  If you want to register the DLL yourself you can dot his at the command line by running regsvr32.exe.



VNCX embedded inside a Microsoft Word document.
VNCX hosted inside a web page.  (VNCX.dll needs to be already installed)


VNCX.DLL version (released 2001)
Viewer32 version (released 2001)

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